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I was down in SD visiting for a night.  We went out for some drinks with Tommy Boy, Sean Cullen and this is what happend on the way back to Tommy’s Place…Watch and learn…


Jin Joint Tour Interview


Sean Tabone - Owner of Jin Joint

Sean Tabone - Owner of Jin Joint

Alejoh – What is Jin Joint?

Sean –   Jin Joint is a skate company that is all about commitment.  The team could probably explain that better.  I tell all of them that if they’re not down 100% than they shouldn’t be here, and they know it.  That’s why I plan on keeping a reasonably small team.  That way, I am able to hook them up on a much higher level than if I had 15 kids skating for me.  We’re also committed to all of the other kids out there skating and busting their asses.  We’ve done $100 lines at a few events, and I try to have at least one rider at each event I’m a part of.  When we’re part of an event we try to work with the organizers as much as possible so that we can be sure the event will go off.  


Alejoh – Where did u guys go on tour?


Sean – We started our trip in Arizona and our first stop was Escondido.  After that we went up to Orange County.  We stayed there most of the week, but each day we drove a decent bit of time in each direction.  We hit San Clemente and Long Beach.  There was a box jam at Intution Skate Shop in Bakersfield, and after that we were in L..A. at the second L.A. ALL DAY event of the year.


Alejoh –  How many joints have you guys rolled on this tour?


Sean-  None personally, but I can’t speak for too many other people.


Alejoh – Tell us about the highlights of the tour so far, Funny, Crazy, Awesome…


Sean –   HA oh no! Umm, well obviously some things went down at the RK house that I’m not going to talk about now, but the tour has been kind of laid back.  There are spurts of madness though.  That’s such a weak answer.  OK, I’ll give a few one word clues and if you were there than you can laugh, and if you weren’t, than you can think I’m an idiot for not making sense.  Here we go; “Nameless RK Member” , Luggage, Living Room,2 feet, Tony’s head, Sleep Walking, Piss.  Alright, one more; Alejoh, Bar, Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, “Wasn’t Andrew was talking to that girl?” 


Alejoh – Whats the difference between a Joint, Spliff and a Blunt?


Sean –  A joint is a place where people can hang out.  A spliff  is a rolled up mixture of pot and a little tobacco.  A blunt is a gutted cigar with pot in it.  What’s with all of the pot questions?  Jin Joint isn’t about alcohol and pot.  Jin Joint is another term for a bar or a speak easy.


Alejoh – What should rollerbladers expect from Jin Joint?


Sean –  Absolutely nothing.  You’ll just get frustrated if you try to guess what we’ll be doing next.  I’ve decided to use a different designer for each new line and their styles will be totally different from one another.  I guess you could expect us to move past T-shirts though.  That’s a must if you expect to be taken seriously.  If you’re content with just printing T-shirts and basic logos, it’s time to go.


Alejoh – Who are the riders for Jin Joint?


Sean –  Brandon Wiese from Cleveland, Ohio.  Andrew Scherf from Phoenix, Arizona. Tony Rivituso (rivi “get juiced” o) from Las Vegas, Nevada



Alejoh – Tony screams a lot when he is trying to land a trick and he keeps failing. Do you think Tony Rivituso could be a good Heavy Metal singer?


Sean –  For sure.  Tony, Brandon, and Andrew are actually starting a 3 piece band.  They’re going to call it Airborne.  Wait, didn’t someone already do that?


Alejoh – Is Jin joint: Emo? Rock n Roll? Grass Blues? R&B? Hipster? Gangster? or just Artsy?


Sean –  I don’t know.  Honestly, I’d have to say rock, but the baseball tee we just put out was based on jazz.  I still listen to old NWA and Cypress Hill though.  I’m perfectly aware that Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothin’ to F**K With.  HAHAHA, but seriously, I hate that garbage on the radio.  


Alejoh – So I got this text the other day right from Nikki… it read: Vote to legalize marijuana. CNN today, Obama will consider with 1 million votes. Call 973-409-3274 listen and then press pound. (I was gonna call but I got high). Do u think marijuana should be legalized so the government can tax it?


Sean –  I’m not sure where I stand on that issue.  I don’t think anyone can deny that legalizing it would help the economy.  That’s a no brainer, but if they do legalize it, then people need to be educated on the actual effects of the drug.  There are still a lot of people out there that remember the anti-marijuana ads from way back in the day that were total lies.  60 Minutes would have to get up on some of that.  I don’t know how to answer this.  I’m not a political activist or anything. I personally couldn’t care less if they legalize it or not.


Sean winning at the LA ALL DAY!

Sean winning at the LA ALL DAY!

Alejoh – Will there be Jin Joint jeans in the near future?


Sean –   HA everybody seems to be jumping on this jean band wagon.  Attention clothing company owners…Vibralux has that on lock.  Stop trying.  HAHA I don’t think anyone needs another jean company but there are still needs that aren’t being met.  That’s what we’re working on now.  You know what Alejoh?  In the spirit of RK, I’ll make some custom RK XL sweat pants.  We’ll bring it back!


Alejoh – Well It was a pleasure skating with you guys and partying too. I wish the best for you guys with Jin Joint. You guys are definitely RK fellas. Give your Shouts and we are out!


Sean – Thanks to everyone that helped us on the tour; Geoff, Richie V., Tracy, Carlos, Quinn, Alejoh, Iain for doing a fakie 540 soul on the high ledge at Etnies, Iain’s girlfriend for making such a good cake and Winston for being a badass.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Jin Joint box session at Intuition. o…“, posted with vodpod

Vodpod videos no longer available.


more about “Jin Joint Tour Interview“, posted with vodpod

Bike Frame Graphics

I decorated my roommate’s bike with some vinyl graphics.


Fonseca's Bike

Fonseca's Bike



As you can see his bike frame is nice and white so I decided to decorate it with black vinyl graphics. Since sex always sells!…I applied Hilton and Britney’s face on the bike’s frame. 

If you want to get some vinyl decals send a e-mail to:


Sunday Session…

Amir is awesome! you should add him on myspace!

Usually on sundays no much rollerblading happens.


This was pretty much the only pic of skating I took before my camera died.


Nick did a topsoul on a kink rail transfer royal the rail next to it. I didn’t have any more batteries in my digital camera and I couldn’t take a pic of the maneuver, but here is a mental picture of what Nick did directly downloaded from my conscious.

Well Brothas and Sistas stay tuned for more updates. This weekend we will be at the LA ALL DAY skating, hanging out and taking some pics. Come and enjoy the event!

And remember…. if you aren’t aren’t living!

Stay Hard!